Postgraduate Bursary Recipients Announced

This year, due to the kind benefaction of Marsh’s Library, Dublin and the Centre for Irish-Scottish and Comparative Studies at Trinity College Dublin, we’ve had the opportunity to offer several postgraduate bursaries for postgrads speaking at the upcoming conference. These bursaries will go towards registration and accommodation costs for the successful applicants, hopefully making it much easier – financially at least – for them to participate and enjoy all the great papers, lectures and activities planned for this year’s conference. Given the large number of very strong applications for the bursaries this year, the decision was an extremely difficult one to make. Ultimately, however, bursaries were awarded to the following postgraduate students:

Hélène Daviot (Université de Rouen), who will be delivering a paper titled ‘Loyalism and Parliamentary Union: The Emergence of a Transnational Identity’;

Macdara Dwyer (University College London), who will be delivering a paper titled  ‘‘The most celebrated antiquarian of the present or any age’: Newton’s Reputation and an Irish Antiquarian Dispute’;

Timothy Mc Inerney (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle), who will be delivering a paper titled ‘Irish Nobility and Ideas of Humanity in Oliver Goldsmith’s History of the Earth (1774)’.

Congratulations to the bursary recipients, and thanks again to everyone who took the time and effort to apply!


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